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Making Progress in 2023
New Year Day Workshop

Manifest Your Dreams, Goals & Ideas in the New Year? 

Don't Make Resolutions…Create Your Lifestyle By Design Portfolio

Workshop Date: January 1, 2023

Two Sessions
January 1, 2023
January 15, 2023

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Premier Spirit-Led Experience

Unlock Your Undiscovered Self

The Enlightenment of Eden

The Formation of A Kingdom

Kingdom Management

Create Your Lifestyle Design Portfolio

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Dionne Q. Blackwell aka Mpress Q is a Thought-Provoking, Introspective and Inspirational Spiritual Teacher & Trainer at the Nirvana Lifestyle Network companies. We offer empirical and scientific training programs in personal & spiritual development.  

Meet your TRAINER


I am President of Nirvana Retreats, Inc. and its subsidiaries of Lifestyle Network Network & Nirvana Institute of Awareness. 

Nirvana courses are designed to teach people how to heal their lives from within.  Each module will provide deep insight into each aspect of your current life. You will review how you make choices,  manage your time, identify where emotional barriers and entanglement are hidden,  and what areas of your life are in need of improvement or more value. You will identify consistent and non-consistent patterns of weaknesses and strengths as well as where hindrances for growth and change is not occurring within your life. NLN offers suggestions  of tools and resources that can be use to enhance the condition of one's overall life and the style in which they live. 

Nirvana Retreats second follow-up program is our “Lifestyle by Design” course. Here you learn how to modify your current life by utilizing new tools and  techniques,  spiritual principles and practices to create the formations of your personal Garden of Eden, Tree of Life and the building of your Kingdom. You learn how to design the life you truly want by exploring different techniques, therapies and resources necessary for following your path from within. 

Give yourself an access pass to a premier experience. 

                                    Nirvana Retreats, Inc. 

 “An Institution of Empirical Understanding in Scientific and Spiritual Truth Principles.”



Making progress in the new millennium

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