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Nirvana’s Sacred Sunday: Delights Cookbook


Food is a profound doorway into spiritual growth because how you experience food is how you experience life.

Our ancestors consider “food” to be a “sacred” offering to the temple, the perfectly designed house that is the human body. They appreciated food, as it was a gift offered up by Mother Nature to be assimilated and used to build the temple out of the most pure and sacred substance on Earth, the earth itself.

Food is vital for sustaining life. Without proper nourishment, the human body becomes weak and cannot function properly. People must take care of their bodies through eating right and consuming key nutrients, so they not only live but thrive in healthiness. The same principle applies to one’s spiritual life.

This is not an ordinary cookbook. The illustrations give the origins of many fruits and vegetables we enjoy along with nutritional value, and recipes with a few of my most special dishes.


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