Vision Statement:

To teach people how to heal themselves.

Mission Statement:

Nirvana Lifestyle Network’s mission is to serve as the social architect for individuals seeking new perspectives in making progress within their spiritual and personal lives. To help individuals reach such capabilities, our program brand blends organizational development, human capital development, and spirituality concepts & principles together, creating frameworks designed to structurally navigate individuals toward their own growth & change.


To teach individuals how to structurally examine their personal beliefs, values, and behavioral patterns causing disintegration within their life.

To discover fragmented and broken areas preventing the attainment of one’s highest potential within the natural life one genuinely wants.

Dionne Q. Blackwell

aka Mpress Q

dionne blackwell of nirvana lifestyle network

NLN programs are designed to lead people towards taking a closer look at the lives they created, its current structure, operating system and root causes of emotional trauma, separation, and hidden pain. Our goal is to lead everyone towards living the life they generously want.

Inspired by the Divine

My journey with starting my brand of Nirvana programs began with Nirvana Retreats, Inc. in 1983 in Chicago, IL. I am the founder of Nirvana Retreats, LLC, and its subsidiaries Nirvana Lifestyle Network, and Nirvana Institute of Awareness. These programs were personally and spiritually inspired by God, with instructions to “teach His children how to heal themselves.” When I received this sequestered message, I really did not know what to do with it. So, I had to wait and follow the path from within. I was given complete instructions on what to write and design.

Shortly after that, my life began to change. I went on a journey of learning new ideas, philosophies, and teachings I had never experienced before within the spirituality and alternative health & healing arenas. I have read hundreds of books, and taken classes to include Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, and others teaching non-traditional Christian concepts concerning religious practices.

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual journey began with a series of earthly tests I had to complete over the course of 10 years. In the beginning, I faced several life-threatening experiences causing me to give up hope and even the desire to commit suicide. I will never forget the experience of hearing the voice of Yahweh God one morning telling me to quit my job and follow Him. I had come to a fork in the road where I had to decide if I no longer wanted to live a superficial life. I wanted to live with a mission, a cause so I surrendered my ways and lifestyle to see where it would take me.

The deeper the unfoldment of my committed faith in Yahweh, the closer my journey experienced afflictions. They came in the form of eviction, uterine cancer, lupus, homelessness, divorce, job loss, and double pneumonia twice. I had to send my son to his father for his loving care. There were other life challenges I also experienced preparing me for these sacred pilgrimages, doorways, and gateways I had to enter.

These traumas were extremely devastating but necessary for my spiritual growth, unfoldment, love, commitment, and obedience to Yahweh God, and what He was preparing me to do.

After my spiritual cleansing process, I was then taken on a spiritual quest where I meet people and began to learn and study various spiritual concepts and practices that deepen my knowledge and awareness of who I AM and how I am to use my life to complete my spiritual mission for Yahweh. I learned so many things, I was a young baby trying to find my place in the world. I learned about the vastness of God and His universe, new philosophies, perspectives, therapies, and techniques, to prepare my mind and body for such spiritual understanding and growth.

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New Beginnings

Out of my 10-year journey of discovering myself, I discovered the birthing of my first company Nirvana Retreats, Inc, and later, the Nirvana Institute of Awareness. Trusting these unfamiliar, unconventional, and unknown processes and pathways helped me to face the deepest reasons for understanding pain, sickness, and death (separation) I caused and created for my life.

We can heal our lives, but we must be willing to do the work on ourselves for ourselves. After all, “we created every experience within our reach.” We must utilize the spiritual, scientific, practical resources, and techniques to bring our life into alignment with our Divine Source… Elohim, the One who created us. We must be willing to fulfill His will and our reason for being here on earth.

A New Path

My professional career started with me working for local, and state government, as well as consultant capacity on the federal level. These pathway opportunities played a major role and had a significant impact on the development of my future company. My program model was designed around the proficient skills I learned in government which included community economic development, human capital development, and urban planning. These skills set the framework for what I do today. My educational abilities include a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and two master’s degrees, one in project management and the other in higher education in assessments and evaluations.

I lost my business after the fall of 9/11, another growth challenge I went through. I started other businesses in consulting and transportation as interims to earn a living. God spoke to me again in April 2020 during Covid-19 instructing me to restart Nirvana Retreats again. So here I am. Nirvana Retreats have evolved just like my life. I continued to study and research and to maintain my level of proficiency by doing my passion. Therefore, my Nirvana Programs are designed to not only teach people how to heal themselves, but it is an institution of empirical understanding in scientific and spiritual truth principles used as resources for teaching them how to heal or self-correct from within.

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