Vision Statement:

To instruct individuals on the art of self-healing and inner transformation.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Nirvana Lifestyle Network is to act as a guiding force for individuals on their quest for fresh insights and personal advancement in both spiritual and everyday aspects of life. To enable individuals to attain these capabilities, our program brand integrates elements of organizational development, human capital development, and spiritual concepts and principles. Through this fusion, we construct frameworks that are specifically designed to methodically lead individuals towards their own path of growth and transformation.


  1. Facilitate Structural Self-Examination: We aim to instruct individuals in systematically evaluating the lives they have constructed, with the objective of identifying and overcoming obstacles that impede their personal growth.
  2. Address Disintegration and Enhance Unity: Our goal is to diminish or eliminate elements of disintegration, inertia, and separation by assisting individuals in recognizing and addressing mental and emotional entanglements within their belief systems.
  3. Empower Positive Transformation: We strive to guide and support individuals in the process of creating new spaces in their lives aligned with their true desires and aspirations.
  4. Provide Comprehensive Well-Being Programs: We are dedicated to delivering immersive and thought-provoking programs, as well as recommending valuable resources, techniques, and treatments designed to re-engineer and enhance overall well-being.

Dionne Q. Blackwell

aka Mpress Q

dionne blackwell of nirvana lifestyle network

Nirvana Lifestyle Network’s programs are meticulously designed to guide individuals in introspectively examining the lives they have constructed. We facilitate an exploration of the current structure, operational mechanisms, and the root causes of emotional trauma, separation, and concealed pain. Our ultimate goal is to lead everyone towards the fulfillment of the life they authentically desire.

Inspired by the Divine:

My journey in establishing the Nirvana program brand began with Nirvana Retreats, Inc. in 1983, right in the heart of Chicago, IL. I proudly serve as the founder of Nirvana Retreats, LLC, and its affiliated entities, namely Nirvana Lifestyle Network and Nirvana Institute of Awareness. These transformative programs were not just a personal endeavor but a spiritual calling, inspired directly by a divine message instructing me to “teach His children how to heal themselves.” Initially, I grappled with the enormity of this message, unsure of how to proceed. However, I trusted in divine guidance, waiting patiently to discover the path that lay before me.

Gradually, my life underwent a profound transformation. I embarked on a journey of enlightenment, immersing myself in new ideas, philosophies, and teachings that were previously foreign to me within the realms of spirituality and alternative health and healing. I devoured countless books and engaged in courses, learning from luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, and others who imparted non-traditional Christian concepts regarding religious practices.

My Spiritual Journey:

My spiritual journey commenced amidst a series of earthly trials that spanned a decade. In the initial stages, I confronted numerous life-threatening situations that left me bereft of hope, even contemplating suicide. I distinctly recall the moment when I heard the voice of Yahweh God, urging me to resign from my job and follow Him. Faced with a pivotal crossroads, I had to choose between a superficial existence and a life imbued with purpose. I opted for the latter, surrendering my old ways and lifestyle, uncertain of where this path would lead.

As my unwavering faith in Yahweh deepened, my journey encountered afflictions of various forms. These trials took the shape of eviction, uterine cancer, lupus, homelessness, divorce, job loss, and even double pneumonia on two occasions. I made the heart-wrenching decision to send my son to his father for his well-being. These hardships, though devastating, were indispensable for my spiritual evolution, strengthening my commitment, love, and obedience to Yahweh God and His divine purpose for me.

Upon completing this spiritual purification process, I embarked on a sacred quest. I met remarkable individuals and embarked on a journey of learning and exploration, delving into diverse spiritual concepts and practices. This profound experience enriched my understanding of who I am and how I can fulfill my spiritual mission for Yahweh God.

I acquired extensive knowledge about the boundless nature of God and His universe, encountering new philosophies, perspectives, therapies, and techniques that prepared my mind and body for a deeper spiritual understanding and growth. Through it all, I emerged as a spiritual seeker, a vessel willing to embrace the world’s vast spiritual wisdom and dedicate my life to fulfilling my divine mission.

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Meet Dionne Q. Blackwell aka Mpress Q

Meet Dionne Blackwell, the visionary CEO of Nirvana Lifestyle Network, and a highly regarded coach in the field of spiritual and personal development. With an impressive track record spanning over 35 years, Dionne brings a wealth of experience and expertise to empower individuals on their transformative journeys.

Having cultivated her unique program model through years of invaluable experience in government, Dionne’s background in human capital development, organizational change, urban planning, and economic development sets her apart as a dynamic force in the industry. Her methodologies are rooted in structural and organizational systems and processes, enabling individuals to examine their lives and effect meaningful change.

Dionne’s program offers a comprehensive approach that integrates spiritual and personal development, providing individuals with the tools and insights necessary to unlock their true potential. With her guidance, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing transformation and creating lasting change in your life.

Through Dionne’s expertise, you’ll:

  1. Explore Your Inner World: Dive deep into your spiritual and personal realms, uncovering hidden truths, and gaining profound insights into your authentic self.
  2. Implement Structural Change: Utilize proven methodologies inspired by organizational systems and processes to restructure your life, creating a solid foundation for personal growth and development.
  3. Embrace Transformation: Experience a holistic transformation that encompasses all aspects of your being, fostering spiritual alignment, personal fulfillment, and a deep sense of purpose.
  4. Cultivate Lasting Change: Dionne’s approach empowers you to sustain the changes you make, ensuring long-term success and a continued journey of growth and self-discovery.

When you partner with Dionne Blackwell, you’re choosing a trusted guide who has dedicated her life to empowering individuals like you to reach new heights of spiritual and personal fulfillment. With her extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to your growth, Dionne will illuminate your path, ignite your inner fire, and support you every step of the way.

Begin your transformative journey today and unlock the limitless possibilities that lie within you. Contact Dionne Blackwell and join the Nirvana Lifestyle Network community, where you’ll find the guidance, support, and inspiration to create the life you’ve always envisioned. Embrace your true potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth like never before.

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