What is Nirvana Lifestyle Network?

Nirvana Lifestyle Network is a personal and spiritual lifestyle management program designed to teach individuals how to heal their lives from within. Our program methodologies are designed to help individuals take an in-depth look at the approaches and plans they made that created their current life. You will uncover hidden aspects of yourself, resuscitate brokenness and identify areas of fragmentation, preventing you from living your highest potential.
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Why do you need Nirvana Lifestyle Network?

Nirvana Lifestyle Network will guide you through an arduous journey towards taking a deeper look inside the life you created. You will gain insight into the cause, effects, spiritual records, and memories that were created in your life. You will gain greater understanding of where your pain, traumas, self-doubts, separations and physical & emotional impacts exist and are in need of transformation.

Who is Nirvana Lifestyle Network for?

If you are experiencing a sense of internal loss, failure, uncertainty, or separation from your divine self, and seeking to change some aspect of your being, then give yourself a Nirvana retreat through our Lifestyle Network programs. Our programs are for anyone experiencing:

Nirvana Lifestyle Network Philosophy

Nirvana Lifestyle Network’s creator Dionne Q. Blackwell, philosophy as a spiritual teacher is to be useful by respecting and acknowledging the choices of others’ beliefs, ethics, values, and cultural practices. As a spiritual teacher, she is here to provide an exchange of ideas, philosophies, research, and purposeful services designed to help others gain a better understanding of who they are.  Dionne guides individuals toward connecting with their personal beliefs, practices, and creeds to ensure they receive the maximum benefit and result within their understanding. Her truth lies in integrity, correctness, and the ability to help others improve the quality of their life. Her passion is to help others learn how to use their reasoning skills in the pursuit of understanding who they are, how to make improved decisions concerning the healing of their lives, as she supports them every step of the way. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates


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Teachings for Higher Spiritual Education

How Do the Programs Work?

Nirvana Lifestyle Network offers an array of personal, wellness, spiritual & lifestyle management programs designed to help individuals take an in-depth look into the life they have currently created for their self. You will take an arduous journey deep into the shadows of your personal reference Library of the Sub-Conscious ® mind. You will review the causes, effects, records, and memories that created those fragmented patterns of the past.

Our programs are here to help guide you through those discoveries appearing to be painful, fragmented and broken. Our myriad of strategies, philosophies, research, and methodologies create the framework for you to move through these experiences as you examine and unfold what needs to be transmuted and transformed in your life.

Our online courses offer personalization and privacy within the comfort of your space. You do your work without shame, guilt, or criticism from others regarding your decisions from the past. Members can join various online program levels, have access to extended courses, group check-ins, master classes, our podcast, and blogs to further deepen your need for higher
spiritual education. There will be introductory courses on YouTube for those who just want to check us out before joining. There’s something for everyone.

Our programs and activities are founded on a strong foundational principle. Each principle utilizes structured courses of action to ensure various progression of challenges and advancements are made to scale processes for both growth and development.

Nirvana Lifestyle programs evolves over a course of approximately 12-month cycles. Each cycle offers various which include get-a-way retreats to continue one’s healing and maturation process. You will experience various treatments, therapies, and techniques designed to release undesirable emotions, mental and physical toxins found deep within one’s mind, body, and soul.


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