What We Offer

To ensure progress and successes are met, NLN courses are progression level courses designed to help individuals experience every aspect within their being in need of transformation. In order to remodel a house there has to be a deconstruction process, excavation before new formations and foundations can be reset. So be patient with yourself, each stage requires personal work and personal investment. Our check-in’s and Master Classes are here to help guide you. Select the course package that will help you attain the personal growth you wish to seek for your life. All members will start at progression I and precede after each progression level has been completed.

It is not possible to transform or ascend without first self-reflecting. In this module, you will take a closer look at the life you currently created, reviewing previous decisions you’ve made and why you have the life you live (created). Through this reflection, you’ll discover where your gaps, frailties, and fragmentations exist and what you need to do to improve and reshape the style of life you truly want.

The secret to reaching and maintaining a “wholeness” state of mind is to learn how to live life from “within”. This module helps to you to become clear about what you believe, and to redefine those beliefs to enable spiritual growth. You will discover vital energy centers that supply or deplete in your life and, you will identify what is causing mental and emotional entanglements within your soul-spirit. You will look at patterns of behaviors, traditions, as well as the cause, effect and memories you created within the library of your subconscious mind. Self-care is a great healing agent. Take time to learn new and different types of therapies and treatments designed to heal the soul-spirit, mind and body.
To transform one’s character, behaviors, or patterns, you must recognize those areas of your life in need of transformation. Do you think you need to change or transform some part or all of your life? This module is designed to take a closer look at these things and help you uncover hidden barriers, gaps, entanglements, or strongholds deep within your being. Change can only occur when you are able to identify where slow growth and lack of progress are showing up in your life.
Growth requires birthing pains. It is the process needed to create a resurgence and reawakening during the rebirthing of one’s new self. A new age of uncertainty and the unknown will be upon you, causing birthing pains as you enter the ebb and flow of change, growth, and expansion. Your spiritual renaissance will help you surge towards ascension and oneness and the spiritual liberation you seek for your new life in this module.

What contaminants lies beneath the depths of your self-examination?

  • Your Ideas of Creation
  • The Use and Misuse of Time
  • Emotional Entanglements & Societal Traps
  • Current Condition & Formation of Your Kingdom
  • Condition of Your Spiritual Operating System
  • Karmic Effects Remain Stored Within Your Cosmic Clock
  • and more…

Nirvana Lifestyle Network (NLN) is a personal and spiritual development company offering transformation programs designed to teach people how to heal themselves. NLN programs are designed to lead people towards taking a closer look at their lives and how it is currently structured, their operating system, the root causes of trauma, and hidden pain in effect to lead them towards living the lifestyle they desire for their life.

To do this, NLN offers sets of sequenced online courses based on successions of learning tools which include lecturers, lesson applications, charts, quizzes, exercises, study groups, book readings, VIP communities, and master classes. 

In addition are special online events and sabbatical retreats designed to give individuals the experience of understanding how to construct change within their lives. In the future, we will offer podcasts and VIP podcasts, books (eBooks & hardcopy), workshops, sabbatical retreats, corporate training packages, and more!

Elevate Your World

Nirvana Lifestyle Network will utilize the practices of the “Enlightenment of Eden Kingdom Building Model” to help individuals observe, imagine, and recreate the kingdom life they want to build for their lives.

The Enlightenment of Eden program is the Restructurization component for building a new life. The Kingdom Building program model helps individuals bring structure and strength to their reason for being. Spiritual progression is essential to the essence of one’s being while evolution of the soul is essential towards one’s path. Demonstrates of such progressions and evolutions are made by way of integrations towards spiritual self-care. Holistic techniques, therapies, tools, and treatments become necessary for the development of one’s innermost being.

Nirvana Lifestyle Network programs improve and help you transform the quality of your overall well-being. As you explore who you might be, you will uncover within each area of your life what you designed as part of your operating system.

Each course offers teachings, techniques, and treatments, designed to teach you how to heal your life from within. You will attain more knowledge, ideas, guidance, resources, services, and practical tools needed for both growth and change.

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Through NLN’s extension online courses, master class, retreats, study groups, check-ins and book readings, members will have access to additional knowledge, ideas, resources, and practical tools for living a healed and corrective life.

Take some time to work on your own spiritual self-care program. Learn how to neutralize the trials of uncertainty, the challenges of the world, and the misuse of God’s cosmic energy.


NLN’s sequence of courses includes four basic modules. Each module provides a series of curriculum courses within it designed to move individuals towards self-discovery, identifying the lifestyle or world they created for themselves, how to recognize emotional entanglements, and alternative treatments, therapies, and healing methodologies. All of these modules are designed to help move you toward creating the want to live. 

Most course cycles generally last 12 months if participants are serious about personal growth.