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Conscious Acts of Change


Welcome to the Conscious Acts of Change Podcast, where thought-provoking, inspirational, and introspective dialogue is shared with you each week in the areas of personal & spiritual development, family development, and health & wellness. You will learn new ideas, strategies, and endless possibilities for the improvement of lifestyle choices that can heal and transform your life.

Create space to change and make something new for your life. Let the old go, that model of your life is now obsolete. Construct the new quality of life you so deserve!

In every life there is a need for spiritual transformation. This story depicts the lifestyle of a professional woman whose focus was career climbing, enjoying the material things in life but felt empty on the inside of her life. After experiencing some emotional anxiety, she decides to take a long walk in the park to have self-talk and with God. As she walked in the park, she deeply looked at her year-end outcomes and didn’t like the results revealed to her. Through deep self-examination, her anxiety increased.

Her self-introspection revealed to her how she had been chasing the material things of the world, becoming attached as they defined her being. She wanted to know “How do I eliminate the distractions, disruptions, and anxieties causing my inner pain? It is time for me to restore & atone my life.”

We all must find that place from within here we go to draw our spiritual knowledge and insight so we can grow. Where true fulfillment resides… within.

So, God begins to speak and give her revelations about His observation of her life. His spoken words turn her life totally upside down. His profound knowledge and direction given to her caused her to make changes once she understood what the reason for her life, here on earth.

It is an intriguing story about change, transformation, and the need to let go. We cannot transcend or ascend within our lives if we remain attached to things of the world.


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